Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Life and Times of an Utter Procrastinator: Part 1

Sometimes I have great ideas. Sometimes I have an idea that jumps around in my brain for far too long gaining momentum so great you could name it "the God Molecule". All would shudder in fear, amazement, and awe of the sheer power behind the force but, nine times out of ten I loose it to my own being of procrastination.

So welcome back brain. Welcome back God Molecule ideas. Now rage, come out, dance and party and be all you can be! (Yes, that's right, I borrowed your slogan U.S. Army.)

Here's a synopsis of life long since when, or really the past couple months. I moved back East to my lovely little valley of poppies and sunshine. Thank you Lehigh Valley for always being here as a crutch. I still hate to use you this way but it is how my cookie crumbles. To look at things in a lighter sense, I guess this means I really do have to push myself into some sort of outward creativity. I mean, I'm bored...mundane... tired of the same ole' shit. So here I sit behind a p.o.s. laptop, in the bar I call home, trying to find some way to "keep the ball rolling". I'm also giving my very merry beer blog a new face. Same name, new great taste, something a little different. This idea may be a failed attempted...but here we go. Oh! I should also add that I'm moving its new face to tumblr. I hear that humans interact more on the tumblr. Eh, we will see.

So high ho! Off to tumblr we go! And I want to bring the lovely faces of the women of beer out of the shadows. Let's go! http://www.tumblr.com/blog/iamhenrietta

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To add to last post:

Here's to the Marina dudes (you know who you are...) I cannot wait for the YouTube video, bless your small size. Next time, if you want to take on a small girl- please do. I would love to weigh you on a scale you deserve. To Orange County Todd, I agree the Marina is a safe place and I love inhabiting here, but this is how the community acquires the title of All around Assholes.


Monday, December 26, 2011

#3-What do you do when your computer hates you OR the girl at the bar is wayyy to drunk next to you?

^^Kurt- Bless your soul for dealing with these Marina kids^^
My answer to both, smash the laptop. Preferrably in a way that the annoying girl next to you will decide you're a hooligan and leave the bar...just kidding...kind of.

On another note:

Here we go Mauna Loa. What can I say? Honestly, it has become my local watering hole of choice. (I was grandfathered into this clause by my roommate (floormate, I sleep in a sleeping bag- good news, I can sleep anywhere and enjoy it.) Annnnnyway... off my brief rant and smoke break ::this is where you get all disappointed in my disgusting habit..."I'm quitting, I swear."::
Mauna Loa- It truely is a lovely place, between the bartenders and the owner that is. Crowd, well, I prefer it on a slightly slower night...it's nestled in the Marina. I'm sure if I had the money these kids throw around, I would enjoy their company as well. I have, however, met more then my fair of decent folks here...in fact, I've met many...and if I could figure out how to tag all of their facebooks, I would. But I can't.
 They have a decent selection of beer...nothing too out of the norm but something anyone can enjoy... I mean, I won't argue about Ommegang BPA(drink), Mad River Steelhead Extra Pale (drank), Boddingtons Pub Ale, North Coast Scrimshaw, or Bear Republic Racer 5(drunk)...look...I'm an East Coast gal, these aren't always readily available for the likes of myself. (I guess I should really settle into this whole "West Coast" thing.) As for liqour, I can't complain. I order my shots, I get my shots, I get hammered. It's a good time. If I was more of a scotch gal, my knowledge lacking, I'd fill you in on that too. (Recently I have found that beer and scotch drinkers then to go hand in hand.)

So all in all, I'm happy here with this as my local bar...Udi, Udi, Udi is rocking everywhere, Kari is a badass mofo, and Jen...well she has saved me from some uber creepers....and Kurt- the Owner- always a pleasure to be around his company.

So Cheers to local watering holes, great bartenders, and a beer selection in the Marina that I don't hate.

(Do I cheers this again, or is that the B52 shot...I already told you I have small titties-don't hate.)

((LASTLY- my roommate wants me to explain why I almost took the gal out- if you reallllly want to know, you have to tell me to explain...which means you @$#&*Q($ need to leave me a comment.))

AMMENDUM: Cody has informed me that I never mentioned what I've actually had to drink. So here we go:

Steelhead Extra Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
Mad River Brewing Co.- Blue Lake, CA
ABV 5.60%
**nothing super special, but I would be fine having another. Light on the carbonation and an overall easy drink.

Throw my girly shot into the mix- B52 (Baileys, Kahluha, Grand Marnier)

And I'm not reviewing Guiness, I would hope you all went through college at some point. (or killed your liver at the parties anyway.)

And my happy self also is going to add- to the lovely gentleman to the right of me... I surely hope you find happiness at somepoint in life because I feel that right now you lead a very sad, mundane sex life.

Cheers! Again!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Post #2- Learning to use a mobile blogging app is like riding a bull..

Ello ello!

Using a mobile blogging app is like riding a bull... It just keeps kicking you off and you, being the ass, just keep coming back for more. Quick! Someone be my barrel clown!

But seriously, this app is slightly jacked. I guess it gets the job done, and really Im just trying to get a feel for it. That being said, this is only a halfy of a post...you will only get semi excited (lies! Lies I tell ya!). Only because I'm only showing you the food and drink.

So drool a little, grab a napkin and clean off your face, and until the full post...


Pliny the Elder-Russian River Brewing Co. Santa Rosa, Ca
American Double/Imperial Ipa 8% ABV
Poured from 500ml bottle

Wonderfully enjoyed @ Balboa Cafe with oysters on the half shell and a split pea with bacon soup. Mmm!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Post #1-Learning web navigational skills again...whotheeffisthischick!?

Ello ello!

So, this is silly. This is my first post. For those of you who will take the time to actually read this- I apologize. There won't be anything fun in this...at this point I'm just currently trying to regain web skills.

Do not fear! Do not fret! What is to actually come of this blog...will. (I guess I should probably type some sort of essay in this little layout about what the hell is going through my mind for this.)

And with that...a small story, a book once read...

I moved out to San Francisco on a whim about two months ago from a small little place called Allentown, Pennsylvania. A whim that gave myself 30 days to pack/sell/move my entire life from the East to the West. I'm a mover (shaker, motivator) and never really quite satisfied with anything for all too long. Behind me I left the most amazing groups of people (the manics, depressives, assholes, light hearted, and all around whythehellamIfriendswithyou?ohyeah,causeyou'reawesome! people). I left a job that absolutely loved for all of its crazy moments and faults...and all of the family I had from being there. What I gained from them is a very valuable knowledge and passion...beer.

God yes. You did read that right- I love beer. I, a 110lb little gal (115 soaking wet), drink more beer then most...lots of beer...all types of beer, bottle shapes, sizes, styles...I simply cannot get enough. I can't stop talking about new brews, old brew, brewing styles...it has easily developed into passion. I worked in an all beer bar with 375 different bottles and 20 rotating drafts. (insert shameless promotion here: http://www.tavernonliberty.com/) When I started there, the only thing I knew was that I loved Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter...and Breckenridge Vanilla Java Porter..and maybe a couple other porters. On this note: we will fast foreward a little....

 So now, I just want to write down everything I taste.. I find that here, in the lovely city of SF, the beer geeks are few and far between. Don't get me wrong...they are around (I've found them. I've made it my goal.) but I just want them to open up a little bit more. So maybe, just maybe, I can enlighten the lot of them. Maybe I can pull them out of their drunken silence and get them to spread the good word. And maybe, together we can find the hidden gems of this city. Because (my teacher always told me never to start a sentence with "because"...surely I'm going to hell for this) the brews do exsist, the pubs and taverns and dives do follow, and because quite frankly...the beer is cheaper on the west coast!

In conclusion- this whole thing is just a rambling of incorrect sentence structure, poor grammar, and the thoughts and opinions of beer and dives from what may be the smallest titties in SF.

So here's to tits, asses, and big brews!